To get a conclusion about the type of products (medicines, food supplements, hygiene products or medical products, etc.) it is necessary to submit:

  1. product name, trademark,

  2. information about the company producing the product: name, address, country,

  3. information about the presence of state registration (permission to use or certificate (certificate)) in the country of the manufacturer of the product (as well as in other countries (if any)),

  4. quality certificate and/or a declaration of conformity,

  5. documents on the composition (Common names and strengths of the active substances),

  6. product marking, packaging, clear color photographs, diagrams or drawings,

  7. product application manual, instruction,

  8. receipt of payment.*

Documents and product information must be in any of the following languages: Armenian, Russian, English.


*Examination for attributing a product is 20,000 (twenty thousand AMD) drams for 1 product (name). The model range or product variants can be considered as one product (finally established during the examination). Examination of the submitted documents and/or information will begin immediately after payment.


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