"VigiAccess" system

This database allows you to browse and view data on suspected side-effects from various medicinal products (also known as suspected adverse drug reactions (“ADRs”)). All data contained herein is sourced from VigiBase®, the World Health Organization’s (the “WHO”) global database for ADRs, maintained by the Uppsala Monitoring Centre (the “UMC”).

The data contains reports of suspected ADRs, so called Individual Case Safety Reports (ICSRs), collected by national drug authorities in over 110 countries and span over more than 100 000 different medicinal products. Thus, this database is only a repository of ICSRs provided for VigiBase®, and shall not be considered as a systematic register of ADRs that have occurred or may occur.

Information on suspected ADR should not be interpreted as meaning that the medicinal product in question, or the active substance(s), generally causes the observed effect or is unsafe to useThe balance between benefit and risk of a specific medicinal product also varies between individual patients.

If you think that you may be experiencing a side-effect from a medicinal product, please seek advice from a health professional or pharmacist as soon as possible and contucnt us(www.pharm.am).